Routine Tests


    Neka Novin Laboratory present routine test services & inspection for equipment & production panels, according with international recognized Standards such as VDE & IEC. This company have DC high Voltage laboratory (170KV, AC, Impulse, color test, flow injection machines up to 4000A, Hipot and Digital Megger up to 5000VAC/DC.

     1. Laboratory Testing high voltage AC/DC, Impuls, 170Kv, related control system.

    2. Insulation Test ( Digital megger device , Hipot up to 5000VAC/DC)

    3. Power Frequency test –Hi-Pot ( test voltage in LV panels 2500VAC is for one minute)

    4. Injection Current Test (to test & accuracy and control performance of Protection relays of circuit breakers up to 4000A.

    5. Visual Check ( Reviewed all the connections , Bolt , nut & equipment installed in terms of mechanical strength and revised interior panels to ensure no foreign & additional objects exist on the electrical parts

    6. Function Test (Electrical & mechanical function test of equipment inside the panel

    7. Color test ( thickness test &Salt Spray test)